Moe’s Southwest Grill® Issues Public Announcement: Queso Imposters on the Loose

Leading southwest fast casual restaurant chain warns consumers of queso imitators.

Moe’s Southwest Grill® franchise is issuing an official public announcement concerning multiple alleged “queso” dishes posing as cheesy authentic goodness. These queso impersonators are claiming to serve the perfection that is smooth and delectable queso, attempting to fool consumers across the nation.

Moe’s has been serving its queso for 17 years and our rich ribbons of liquid gold are famous for a reason. Moe’s was struck with this news when cups of nacho-cheese-esque dips were roaming around, pretending to be southwestern-inspired queso. As a courtesy to our awesome fans and with a promise to serve and protect all queso lovers, Moe’s is issuing this public warning.

If you have been duped by any of these queso copycats serving yellow, grainy, nacho cheese-like “queso” dishes, please snap a photo or share your feedback by reporting it directly to @Moes_HQ using #QuesoImposters.

Think you might have fallen victim to this? Here’s how to tell:

  • Imposter queso is said to be yellow in color, resembling a block of faux cheddar cheese, rather than smooth, white queso blanco
  • The texture is grainy, devoid of the velvety queso goodness you’ve come to know and love
  •  When snapping a gram-worthy pic for #foodporn, nothing happens. No magical cheese pulls or beautiful, bold drippings off the end of a perfect chip

As the experts on queso, Moe’s wants to make sure your next queso experience isn’t a bust. For New Yorkers that may have experienced a queso imposter this week, visit Moe’s Avenue of the Americas (1029A Avenue of the Americas) to get a FREE cup of queso with any purchase tomorrow, July 13 only.

For all consumers across the nation, instead of risking a poor substitute, we invite you to experience the authentic perfection Moe’s created 17 years ago: Download our Rockin’ Rewards app and enjoy your first cup of queso on us! And if you want to take your love of queso one step further, click GET STARTED at the top of the page to learn how you can bring your favorite queso to new cities.