Moe’s Southwest Grill® Operates Efficiently

To guests, Moe’s Southwest Grill® is known for the “Welcome to Moe’s!” greeting. To franchise owners, the restaurant is known for operational efficiency. The brand team is improving operations even further in the new Moe’s Southwest Grill® prototype. The test kitchen, located in Kennesaw, GA, is home to the new Moe’s Southwest Grill® redesign. Earlier this month, Foodservice Equipment Reports, a foodservice publication focused on equipment and supplies, published an article detailing operational improvements in the prototype.

The new test kitchen is 354 square feet, which is 14% larger than previous test kitchens. The larger space accommodates several new design features including a second makeline and a second que line. The second makeline is especially handy as delivery orders continue to increase. The second makeline helps franchise owners and their employees efficiently handle the increase in delivery orders.

The second queue line was added to better manage guest flow – guests who know what they want can efficiently move through the line as others spend more time reading the menu. This increase in operational efficiency allows more guests to order throughout the day, and that may lead to more profit for franchise owners.

The Moe’s Southwest Grill® brand team is dedicated to making Moe’s the best it can be for franchise owners and guests alike.

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