Moe’s Southwest Grill® has received a lot of media buzz in the last several months about the Untamed Southwest brand repositioning and new prototype. Recently, industry publication, Restaurant Development + Design, featured an article online and in its January/February print issue about the prototype with the Southwest-inspired design. The article explains how the rebrand came to be, focusing specifically on the new design elements. A great deal of thought and research went into the rebrand to ensure that the brand continues to thrive and that the design drives profit for franchise owners.

Both the Moe’s team and franchise owners agree: the hard work was worth it. The new design further differentiates Moe’s Southwest Grill® from other fast-casual concepts. Ultimately, Moe’s Southwest Grill® franchise owners benefit from this heightened differentiation.

Moe’s famous free chips and salsa provide a perfect example of how franchise owners benefit from the new design. Moe’s Southwest Grill® has always served free chips and salsa, which is a huge differentiator for the brand. Before the new design, staff put chips directly in guests’ bags. In the new design, the free chips and salsa are featured on a self-serve station. The station keeps this differentiating factor – competitors aren’t serving free chips – top of mind for guests. It helps stand apart from competitors and keeps guests coming back. Franchise owners may experience profit growth as the Moe’s Southwest Grill® fan base grows. Guests may get free chips, but Moe’s franchise owners are really the ones who benefit.

The rebrand and new design provide more opportunities for Moe’s Southwest Grill® franchise owners to profit. It also doesn’t hurt that their restaurants look cooler than ever.

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